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There Has Never Been A More Exciting Time To Watch Cricket



The Eagle Blues 7/148 d The Rockatoos 10/121
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The Boxing Day Cup isn't just any ordinary game of cricket.

It's the revered match-up between two pillars of Adelaide life and culture; Musicians and Hospitality - The Rockatoos and The Eagle Blues.

Both work ungodly hours for very little money, and they do it all for our entertainment.

The Boxing Day Cup pits the two of them against each other in a 20/20 cricket match that is, essentially, for our entertainment too. 


Held at Narnungga on the Western Outskirts of the Adelaide CBD, the 2017 cup raised money for Women Sport Australia, a not-for-profit organisation that enables women and girls to get into sport at all levels - from the playing field to the board room.

The Eagle Blues have a history with more flavour than a Hawkers XPA. In the early years of the Cup this team were resigned to scraping the bottom of the keg, sifting through the dregs of players that had partied too hard on Christmas Day. That was until motivational captain Andy Nowell pulled them into line and lead them to an impressive victory in 2015. They lost the cup unceremoniously in 2016, only to surge back in 2017 with brilliant tactics and outstanding fielding.


The Rockatoos are South Australia's most talented musicians. They've spent decades tuning their guitars and mastering their vocals, and in many ways it's this intricate detail that is applied holistically to their skills as enthusiastic cricketers.
From right arm leg spinners to left-hand reverse sweeps, this
team always put up a good fight. It looked like victory was inching closer in the final stages of the 2017 cup, before the formidable partnership of Zubreckyj and Adey was blown apart by a right-arm Dolman rocket from deep mid wicket that ripped the stumps from the ground and effectively won The Eagle Blues the cup.